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(833) 744-1102
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(833) 744-1102

Property Loss Reporting &

Emergency Response

Planning for the 21st Century

BELFOR Alert provides a comprehensive preparedness and Emergency Response Planning solution that is needed across the country, in facilities both large and small.

We want to bring innovation

The actions taken at the outset of an emergency are critical. A prompt warning to employees to take action can save lives and property. These actions – guided by knowledge of building and process systems through BELFOR Alert – can help mitigate and/or minimize damage to facilities and businesses.

Born in the trenches – BELFOR Alert was created for first responders, by first responders. Our team has collectively responded to thousands of callouts and operated in the most dangerous environments in the world. These experiences serve as the foundation for the BELFOR Alert app.

Deliver Building Intelligence for Safety & Preparedness

We all demand safe environments in our schools, houses of worship, and the businesses we visit. BELFOR Alert provides the foundation for safety through preparedness. Preparedness is the key to timely action during an emergency incident. BELFOR Alert uses traditional Building Intelligence & preparedness information – and couples that with cutting edge 3D modeling and technology integration – allowing for detailed emergency preparedness planning, quick access to Emergency Response Plans and live security cameras, plus every key feature of your building – all in the palm of your hand.

  • Detailed Building Intelligence Delivered Immediately to Mobile Devices
    The pre-incident planning details you need from NFPA 1620 and 3000. Document critical building details with BELFOR Alert.
  • Live & Secure Camera Access
    Provide key staff a with quick & secure access to live camera feeds without inundating your network with multiple requests. Encrypted tunnels and our proprietary broadcast features ensure security and control access.
  • Integrated Technologies
    From our custom Google Maps integration – to ArcGIS data – to dispatch systems, we leverage the best technologies to provide rapid access to the most useful information in emergency situations.

Create Enhanced Situational Awareness

Lack of clear, unambiguous information is the “norm” when emergencies occur. BELFOR Alert creates a new paradigm within the business, risk, and property management communities. Our platform provides detailed, consolidated, and rapidly accessible incident preplanning information and immersive Building Intelligence. We believe that businesses, municipalities, schools, first response teams, and communities should all have a preparedness solution available at their fingertips – a solution that gives you access to the information you need to respond efficiently and save lives.

  • Emergency Response Plans
    Ensure your plans are accessible, no matter where your staff might be. Access and update all response plans in our secure, cloud-based platform.
  • Rapid Communication
    Immediately notify staff of emergency incidents. Response procedures and Building Intelligence are available to users, enabling effective and efficient response.
  • Report a Loss
    Save time and property – quickly report a loss to BELFOR’s 24/7/365 Call Center. Alert key staff, stabilize the incident, and minimize downtime.

BELFOR Alert is an innovative new way to help protect our schools. Designed by professionals to keep our kids safe in the classroom. Check them out and give them a like to spread the word!

Carla Bondy Local Elementary Teacher

Any preplanning for an incident which would cause harm to anyone much less innocent children is a movement in the right direction.

Steve Bradley Sheriff's Deputy (Retired)

BELFOR Alert is an amazing product! I am the owner of Oakwood Wedding Chapel. I reached out to BELFOR Alert when I found out about it and I am amazed with the results! Not only for making my business user friendly for first responders, but also on the marketing side! BELFOR Alert made my business’s 3D model accessible from my website, the results I’ve received have been outstanding! Many of my clients have complimented on being able to view my business before they did an in person tour. I recommend BELFOR Alert to any company that’s trying to increase their business and become part of the future with 3D Modeling!

Anne Roop Owner, Oakwood Wedding Chapel

As a former Afghanistan Fusion Cell Deputy Director, we’ve been harnessing multiple intelligence disciplines for years in order to provide a 360° analytical snapshot for our warfighting functions. Simply put, intelligence drives operations. BELFOR Alert takes this concept to the forefront of civilian operations desperately in need of a real time planning and preparedness, multi-faceted intelligence tool.

Brian Boase Former Afghanistan Fusion Cell Deputy Director