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(833) 744-1102


Meet the team behind BELFOR Alert

PrePlanLive North America - a BELFOR USA company - is a Michigan-based Immersive Technology company founded upon the principles of strategic thinking, professionalism, and proactive design. Our team is comprised of first responders, seasoned legal experts, top education professionals, and threat and vulnerability mitigation specialists with extensive experience in planning for - and responding to - the worst possible disaster scenarios. The lessons learned by our team through these experiences resulted in the development a first-of-its-kind technology solution that mitigates – and eliminates where possible – unnecessary risks by enabling and enhancing emergency preparedness planning and response through Enhanced Situational Awareness. Our team fosters the development and integration of specialized technologies that enhance emergency preparedness and drive positive outcomes during incident response activities.

Log for Pre Plan Live

Our Steps to Success



We combine cutting-edge immersive technology with the information needs of facility owners, administrators, and managers – and deliver that information to create Enhanced Situational Awareness.



Our team is comprised of highly-experienced first responders, combat veterans, seasoned educators, and disaster restoration specialists.



Prepare to respond – not react. Our goal is to place world-class preparedness and response technologies into the hands of those who need it – the people who must plan for, and respond to, the worst case scenarios. By leveraging the latest immersive technologies and our proprietary platform, we aim to decrease the time between ‘orientation’ and ‘action’ in the “Orientation, Observation, Decision, Action” loop.

BELFOR Alert is an innovative new way to help protect our schools. Designed by professionals to keep our kids safe in the classroom. Check them out and give them a like to spread the word!

Carla Bondy Local Elementary Teacher

Any preplanning for an incident which would cause harm to anyone much less innocent children is a movement in the right direction.

Steve Bradley Sheriff's Deputy (Retired)

BELFOR Alert is an amazing product! I am the owner of Oakwood Wedding Chapel. I reached out to BELFOR Alert when I found out about it and I am amazed with the results! Not only for making my business user friendly for first responders, but also on the marketing side! BELFOR Alert made my business’s 3D model accessible from my website, the results I’ve received have been outstanding! Many of my clients have complimented on being able to view my business before they did an in person tour. I recommend BELFOR Alert to any company that’s trying to increase their business and become part of the future with 3D Modeling!

Anne Roop Owner, Oakwood Wedding Chapel

As a former Afghanistan Fusion Cell Deputy Director, we’ve been harnessing multiple intelligence disciplines for years in order to provide a 360° analytical snapshot for our warfighting functions. Simply put, intelligence drives operations. BELFOR Alert takes this concept to the forefront of civilian operations desperately in need of a real time planning and preparedness, multi-faceted intelligence tool.

Brian Boase Former Afghanistan Fusion Cell Deputy Director